This is a very long over due “Thank You!”.  I cannot thank you enough for taking me in to care for my tooth #2.  It was also a great inspiration to watch you enjoying your expertise – listening and singing to the music during the procedure.  What can be very serious and difficult, you were at ease and in peace!  If more people can truly love their professions the world would change for the better.  May God continue to Bless you and your family.  Looking forward for everything around my #2 to be quiet and in peace and pray that my bone will heal completely.  This beautiful Orchid, I thought, belong to your office.  Hope its beauty will touch your patients, staff and your spirit as well!  With a grateful heart,  —-Sarah S. (October 2019)


“Dr. Palermo is a master at what he does. He is knowledgeable, competent, and compassionate. I had never had a root canal before and was anxious, but his professionalism and that of his staff was reassuring both before and during the procedure, which was painless. The Gentle Wave procedure was effective and over quickly, and I didn’t even feel it. I had no pain afterwards either. The office staff was helpful in getting me set up with Care Credit.” — Debra  (October 2019)


“Nobody wants a root canal, but if you have to get one, you should go here! Dr Palermo made it an easy, painless procedure. They gave me an immediate appointment because I had toothache and was going on vacation, Very pleasant staff.” — Deanne  (September 2019)


“I’ll be echoing other reviews by exclaiming just how impressed I was, and how grateful I am that my regular dentist recommended Dr. Palermo.

I’ve had very little dental work in my life so I was quite anxious about getting a root canal.
That said, the whole process was smooth, efficient and most importantly, EVERYONE in the office was kind, compassionate and knowledgeable.

As well, the city of Palermo is one of my favorite places, which puts an additional smile on my face.” — August S.  (September 2019)


“Everyone was so incredibly accommodating and friendly. Dr. Palermo was gentle, efficient, warm and even sings while working on your teeth. They play great music- which is very relaxing. Highly recommend!” — MaryBeth  (August 2019)


“I was already scheduled for a diagnostic appointment with Dr. Palermo but as the appointment got closer I started having an increased amount of pain in my tooth. I called the office that morning and the staff was able to get me in earlier and he was able to diagnose and treat my tooth in the same afternoon. I’ve never had a root canal and I was pretty scared about the whole procedure but the entire office staff made me feel completely at ease. When I walked into the office to hear some of my favorite music playing, I knew I was in the right place. Throughout the entire procedure Dr. Palermo talked to me about exactly what was going to be happening, answered all of my questions, and made sure that I was comfortable throughout the entire time. The music he played during the procedure was completely fabulous and actually contributed the entire procedure being almost pleasant! Even after the anesthetic wore off, I haven’t had any pain, so I know that he did a great job. I was so very grateful to have found Dr Palermo and his staff and will recommend him to anyone who is in need of a root canal. And lastly, ( I honestly can’t say enough good things about this office!)…I so appreciate that they have glass doors on each treatment room….it helps with the noise factor as well as keeping the environment relaxed and feeling less vulnerable during the whole procedure. Thank you so much!” — Arjan  (July 2019)


“The MOST professional experience I have had in my 11 years of living in Santa Fe!” — Sarah  (July 2019)


“My dentist started to do my root canal, but the procedure developed a complication and he referred me Santa Fe Endodontics. They were able to fit me in right away and accommodate my financial situation. Dr. Palermo took a CT of my tooth and thank goodness my dentist stopped when he did or I would have lost my tooth. Dr. Palermo took time to explain the whole process with me and made it as comfortable as possible. Using state of the art technology and expertise he fixed It. It was totally painless and I’m glad I got to keep my tooth. The staff was very nice and accommodating and even submitted my insurance claim for me. I am very happy that I found Santa Fe Endodontics and I will refer anyone who needs a root canal.” — Kamilla  (May 2019)


“I’ve only had one other root canal and this was WAY BETTER!! Just as I started to panic about having my root canal, Dr. Palermo calmed me with his positive, gentle demeanor, and smooth voice.

I was seen right on time and he never made me feel bad about putting him behind schedule with my unexpected anxiety attack. His whole team is fantastic and the modern, clean office makes you forget you’re at the dentist.

The procedure was pretty quick and easy once I calmed down enough to let him work. The technology is AMAZING and I’m so glad I had the Gentlewave procedure. I highly recommend you do the same.

Having a root canal by an Endodontist is a much better way to go than a general dentist. You pay a little more, but Dr. Palermo is worth every penny! If I need another root canal, I’ll be coming back!” — Margaret  (May 2019)


“Dr. Palermo and his staff were extremely professional and courteous. They took a personal interest in me and helped make me feel comfortable and aware of each step during the procedure. Above all – I experienced no pain! Yes, I would highly recommend Dr. Palermo and his staff.” — Miles  (March 2019)


“At the very end of my pregnancy with severe tooth pain, Dr. Palermo was the only endodontist in the area willing to work with me. They were able to schedule a consult and repair the same day I called in. He was very polite and attentive to my needs. He did not insist on unnecessary (and expensive) steps to the procedure. His staff were also very kind and polite.” — Jessica (April 2019)


“Dr. Palermo and his staff are excellent communicators, making sure to explain every part of the procedure. My experience was painless. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Palermo if you need a root canal.” — Mary (February 2019) 


“This is the second root canal treatment I have had done by Dr. Palermo. Both procedures were done with great care and attention and the one done with the Gentle Wave technique was so free of any discomfort that I actually dozed off for a few minutes. Dr. Palermo is a very skilled and caring endodontist. I’m exceedingly grateful for the excellent standard of care and as a retired physician I know when care is good and delivered so well.” — Errol (January 2019)


“This dentist was professional and made me feel comfortable the whole time. He explained the procedure and what sensations I should be expecting as he worked. I appreciate that because I get anxiety at the dentist so there were no surprises. I loved the high- tech equipment and everything was very clean. I highly recommend!” — Y.M.  C (September 2018)


“Dr. Palermo has the most perfect combination of skill, knowledge, and patient connection. I felt total trust while in the chair and knew I was in excellent hands with Dr. Palermo and his assistant. I am ever grateful for the superb care.” — Elenya  (September 2018)


“Highly skilled, extremely meticulous, takes the time to explain every step of the procedure carefully — nobody wants a root canal, but if you need one, Dr. Palermo is THE best.” — Judy (July 2018)


“Thank you for your expert advice and for making me pain free after 3 long years! Thank you for the great service!” — Vicki (February 2018)


“I just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude to you and your staff for seeing my daughter. I am and still am impressed with the quality of care and professionalism displayed. Again, thank you for everything. Much aloha to you, your family and staff.” — Kalani (May 2017)

“Thank you so much for fitting me in for my root canal. I know it squeezed your day and made it quite a long one and I’m appreciative. Thank you also, for your kindness and compassion I felt from you and your staff.” — Jill (March 2017)

“Thank you for your prompt, thoughtful and quality care. I wasn’t even your patient and you made time for me. I cannot thank you enough!” — Emily (December 2016)

“Thank you for the art, science, skills and patience you applied to making my tooth-gone-bad whole again. Congrats on building such an excellent staff!” — Polly (August 2016)

“Thank you so much for your good care during my root canal. You made it very easy, from what I’ve heard is a rough experience. Thank you again for everything, I really appreciate it!” — Shannon (June 2016)

“I will recommend Dr. Palermo to anybody I know that needs a root canal, and if I need another one, will definitely return! Especially to hear the great music he plays! The care and professionalism from everybody there was A+. I appreciate the extra swabs of ointment on my lips, the water bottles, even the little dental historic facts. Also, thank you for getting all the dental insurance figures and quotes ahead of time. The over-all experience was superb. Thanks again! — Gail (June 2016)

“Thanks for the excellent and highly professional service on my root canal. There was no pain, but lots of gain. The attention to seemingly every detail and the use of high-end equipment and supplies gives me the confidence of a job extremely well done. You’ve earned every penny.” — Jim (May 2016)

“Thank you so much for helping me with my teeth since 2012. Your kindness and quality care will never be forgotten. May you prosper professionally.” — Lena (June 2015)

“Claire and I wanted to thank you again. We appreciate your expertise, patience, and advice.”
— Claire and Dr. Steven Weiner (June 2015)

“Congratulations on a highly compassionate and highly professional endodontics office!” — Natalie Owings & The Animals at The Heart & Sole Animal Sanctuary (May 2015)

“Thanks so much for all your wonderful care. You are all so extremely kind, caring, and helpful. Thank you Dr. Palermo for being such a great Endodontist.” — Kina (December 2014)

“We want to thank you so much for your kindness in seeing our good friend last week, We appreciated your very thorough evaluation and expect her to go forward with treatment when she is able to. We are grateful for our relationship with you and for the excellent care you provide our patients. Thank you so much again!” — Pat & Bob (October 2014)

“Thank you for the special care I received during my numerous office visits. Your professionalism and fun attitude was inviting, and made me feel comfortable during my procedures, I really miss the music! And, Dr. Palermo’s singing.” — Thea (August 2013)

“Thank you so much for the thorough exam and good advice. I appreciate your wisdom and professionalism. Especially for your generosity!” — Ronnie (October 2014)

“Your diligence and knowledge have led to the uncovering of a problem that has troubled me for years. Thank you very much for your caring and the quality work you do. P.S. Your staff is wonderful!” — Ursula (September 2014)

“Thank you for the caring and quality work you did to help me. The root canal and subsequent build up have been working out well. I am grateful to you for taking care of my broken tooth so promptly and efficiently.” — Sandra (August 2014)

“Thank you so much for all your kindness and hard work on my visit and treatment. Everyone of you took such great care of me and I appreciate it. My appointment was amazing!! Thank you!” — Lynda (December 2013)

“Congratulations on your new and beautiful practice! I know you will do very well. You are an excellent clinician and have a great chair-side manner. I feel fortunate to have friends like you!” — Ken (August 2014)

“Thank you for a wonderful experience!! You all are fantastic!!” — Loretta (March 2013)

“Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity! You two are absolute gems and made my root canal as enjoyable as a root canal could be!” — Jessie (March 2013)

“It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife Nikki yesterday during my dental visit. I want to thank you for your professional consultation when you answered many of my questions. I don’t know how many people can say they enjoyed their visit to the dentist…but I did yesterday! Your staff and office made the atmosphere welcoming and comfortable.” — Vivian (February 2013)

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking care of me last week. You two are awesome!” — Patti (January 2013)

“Thank you so much for a lovely visit & consult today! Marcus, I so appreciate your expertise and Nikki, you have created such a beautiful environment that is welcoming and pleasing.” — Jessie (January 2013)

“I really cannot adequately express my extreme gratitude for your kind assistance with this. You and your staff went well beyond expectations and saved our vacation. The rest of the week went very well, and I experienced no further pain. You and your staff are a Godsend!” — Jim (October 2012)

“Thank you so much for expediting the solution to my #31 tooth issue. The tooth is gone and went painlessly. I suspect this immediate resolution could not have taken place without your 3D X-ray and your excellent consultation based on it. I am very grateful for that.” — Robin (August 2012)

“My three years of major dental adventures are complete. Hurrah! I want to thank you for your professionalism and quality work. I enjoyed working with you in your beautiful office. You really have the high-tech wow factor going on with that 3D X-ray. As someone who’s been averse to being in the chair from childhood, I often arrived for my appointments with more than a little trepidation. Marcus, your pleasant, friendly chair-side manner helped me be more calm. I also appreciate your willingness to answer all my questions.” — Dorothy (June 2012)